Transmission Repair in Las Vegas, NV

las vegas transmission repairYour car’s engine is undoubtedly a magnificent feat of engineering. But, if you fail to maintain it properly, it slowly degenerates, finally giving up at some point. In other words, your beloved vehicle needs routine inspections and oil changes to remain in prime condition. Engine failure can be noticed beforehand through a number of indicators such as increased exhaust smoke, loud engine noises, a drop in mileage, and reduction in power. At Chase Auto Repair, we have been providing affordable repair services to hundreds of our satisfied customers.

Pay Attention to You Transmission and Check Engine Light:

Modern cars are equipped with “check engine” lights that automatically turn on whenever something goes wrong within the engine. Irrespective of the reason that triggered the indicator, your vehicle must be taken to a reputed repair shop to promptly address the issue. Similarly, your vehicle’s “transmission light” may blink due to some sort of performance issue within the transmission area. Modern cars are equipped with a multitude of sensors that monitor various sections within the transmission. These sensors act as an early warning system by detecting even the tiniest faults and sending the data back to an on-board computer referred to as a PCM. The procedure of spotting the faults in early stages and addressing them helps prevent bigger malfunctions down the road. Furthermore, by selecting the right repair shop like the Chase Auto Repair, you can save a huge sum on transmission servicing and repair.

Clutch Repair

With proper maintenance, a car’s clutch lasts for over 80,000 miles. If not cared for, it may break down at just 40,000 miles. Whether it is a broken clutch cable, a leaky clutch cylinder or a mismatched component, our skilled technicians can solve your clutch problems and get you back on the road in a few hours.

Braking System Problems

The screeching, squealing, rubbing, and grinding noise near the tires could be because of worn-out brake pads. These parts need to be replaced before they spoil other internals due to metal-on-metal grinding. Many car owners complain about a pungent smell from the tires, which is a clear indication that some part of your braking system has been compromised and needs an immediate repair. Also, when you see the “Brake warning light“, visit us as soon as possible to get an inspection.

At Chase Auto Repair, we focus on the convenience of our customers, working hard to address the problem as fast as possible. So, your car’s repair will take a day and not weeks. Over the years, we have mastered the art of automobile repair by understanding different types of engines and the common problems associated with them. 

Overall, if you happen to live anywhere in or around Las Vegas, or if your vehicle breaks down while traveling through this city, we are your ultimate choice for car diagnostics.

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