Auto Repair Services for Las Vegas

Here is a quick list of repair services we offer, go ahead and click on the links to learn more about each service and pricing information. We offer the highest quality of services, don’t expect to be drug around for a rollercoaster ride on trying to diagnose a problem with an un trusted repair shop. 


Check Engine Light Repair

Check engine lights are common in the Las Vegas area, and most of the time it is a quick fix in n out the shop in 30 minutes. However, some auto repair shops don’t let you get off that early and start finding other things to legitimately fix but blame it on the check engine light. Chase Auto Repair shops are loyal and honest, we strive in making sure you have the best car repair experience in all of Las Vegas. 

Brakes & Fluid Servicing

Servicing brakes and fluids quickly and at the most competitive rates is our specialty. We know that once you bring your vehicle in for repair at one of our locations that you will bring your vehicle in for every service need there after. We hope to impress you with our customer satisfaction and not only our rock bottom pricing. You can still have affordable car repair without sacrificing quality in the services rendered. Our mechanics are happy mechanics, this means quality service for you. It’s a win win all the way around. 

Over Heating Repair

Over Heating is a common problem in las vegas, it’s generally the reason get stuck on the I-15 just before vegas. Water pumps that have old seals or clogged up radiators have a hard time containing that pressure inside your engines cooling system. When coolant starts leaking and steam venting through your hood, it means the water has started to flash into steam. When you have high pressure steam in your vehicles engine block, it will not properly cool. When your engine can’t cool off, you end up with cracked headers and engine blocks. At first sign of your vehicle heating up, keep at a safe speed and direct yourself to the nearest store with water jugs or a gas station. Stop the engine, but keep your key in the on position. Your fan should still be trying to cool off the radiator. Give us a call and we will direct you on how to safely cool down your engine. 

Electrical & Battery Draw Repair

On older vehicles, electrical and battery draws are all too common. You might be okay driving your car twice a day, but if it sits overnight or two and you its dead when you go to start it.. you have what is called a battery draw. This is one of the harder things to diagnose on a vehicle, our auto shops have a specialist in electrical systems for this very reason. We can figure out your electrical draw in no time, saving you tons of time, money and most importantly frustration. 

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