Collision Repair in Las Vegas, NV

A collision is something that every driver does not want to experience but sometimes it is just unavoidable. It can happen anywhere whether you are on the road or even at your car park especially during heavy storms. Whether the collision has resulted in a major auto-damage or just a simple scratch, you should not panic because we at Chase Auto Repair in Las Vegas will do everything to ensure that your car returns to its original condition. Note that our technicians are certified experts who will ensure that your car gets back safely on the road and within a very short time.

Aside from a collision there are many other reasons why you should consider visiting a repair shop. As driver, you know how your car is functioning now and how it used to before. Sometimes it may produce unusual sounds, some oil leakages or even a burning smell. Unfortunately, it is very easy to simply ignore such signs as long as the car is still functioning. It is however wise to immediately visit a repair shop if you notice anything unusual because it could be a sign of a major problem that if not corrected immediately, the consequences will be costly. You should have your car checked at least regularly to ensure that everything is functioning properly.

At Chase Auto Repairs, we offer both maintenance and repair services for all models of vehicles. We have a team of experienced professionals and together with our state of the art equipment, you can be sure that by the time you leave our repair shop, your car will be as good as new. 

collision repair in las vegas

In case you have had a collision the repair process involves;

· Our technicians start by accurately assessing your vehicle before the repair process begins.

· Once it has been assessed, our technicians will then remove all the parts that require separate replacement or repair after which they start the repair work and perform any necessary replacement.

· After finishing with the body works, the painting & polishing process begins. Using computerized technology, our painters will find the exact color match for your vehicle as per the manufacturer’s codes. Once this process is finished the car is then prepared for reassembly.

· Reassembly then follows and this is where doors, grills, air conditioning, lamps any other parts that were involved in the repair are reassembled.

· Immediately the repair work is complete, you will then inspect your car and if satisfied, can drive away any time.

paintless dent repair in las vegasSome of our collision repair services include;

· Auto dent repair & removal

· Plastic bumper repair 

· Glass repair/replacement

· Hail damage repair- we are able to erase dents that are caused by heavy storms

· Auto body paint and mechanical repair

· Fender repair

· Painless dent repair

· Auto painting

· Auto glass repair-this is when the glass on your car chipped, cracked during the collision

· Aluminum repair

· Windshield repair

auto body shop in las vegasOther services include;

· Airbag diagnosis and repair

· Transmission repair or replacement

· Scheduled routine maintenance

· Oil changes

We not only offer quality services our prices are also very competitive. Whether you just want regular maintenance for some minor repair or replacement work or your vehicle just had a collision, be assured that we will do an excellent job and you will leave our shop as a satisfied, happy customer. We also have excellent customer service team. Feel free to call us any time to schedule an appointment or even to find out more. You can also drop by if you are around the area to find out more.

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